Giles Havaarna was the last born blood heir in the Havaarna Dynasty. His father was the last king of the Havaarna Dynasty.


Giles was supposedly a small boy with brown hair and hazel eyes. Though he never actually showed up in the book, descriptions of him, and a painting of him found by Claudia Arlexa gives us some idea.


Giles Havaarna lived a very easy life. He lived in his own wing of the castle and was mostly raised by various maids and servants of the castle. One, above all others, took a very strong liking to Giles. A servant by the name of Bartlett raised Giles as if he was his very own.

Despite having everyting he could possibly want, Giles was a modest child. He rarely fussed over anything and was a very caring, understanding child from a young age, wise beyond his years.

When his mother died, Giles handled the news quite well. Even when his father remarried it didn't seem to bother him.

At his seventh birthday, Giles met his betrothed, Claudia Arlexa, and quickly took a strong liking to her, even with hardly knowing her.

When Bartlett came to him asking to leave to care for a sick family member, Giles quickly said yes. He even had the royal chef make sweets for him and sent him on his way.

The next day Giles allegedly died falling off his horse.

Strange DeathEdit

When Giles died it was a sad time throughout the kingdom. Many came to visit the body and grieved.

When the servent Bartlett (who raised him like his own son) came to see him, Bartlett took one look at the body and laughed. He tried to hide it, but he knew that the body in the casket wasn't Giles. He knew that Giles was still alive.


Giles was also the name of Giles Corey a man charged of witchcraft and pressed to death during the 1692-1693 Massachusetts Salem witch trials. Whether or not this had anything to do with Catherine Fisher's naming choice is unknown, but it is certainly a possibility.