The Steel Wolves was an unknown organization created by Lord Calliston (first prisoner in Incarceron) that despised the law of Protocol. It is not mentioned that very much in the story but it has a role in the palace. It is said in the book that its members were spreaded in and outside of the palace. An example of some that were in the palace was Lord Evian. He was a great companion to Claudia's father, Sir John Arlex. He was associated with the Steel Wolves as we found out in the story, he worshipped a figure by the name of " The Nine- Fingered One" which is known as Sapphique. He also plotted to kill Queen Sia of the Realm to take over and end Protocol. He executed the plan by stabbing Queen Sia in the shoulder with a dagger but got speared by her bodygaurds. Sir John Arlex is also a probable member of the Steel Wolves but the book never talks aboout it.

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